Top 20+ Dark Black Lightroom Presets | Alfaz creation

Top 20+ Dark Black Lightroom Presets | Alfaz creation

All types of mobile editing presets

Mobile editing presets are pre-configured settings or adjustments that can be applied to photos using mobile photo editing apps. These presets are designed to enhance the look and feel of images by modifying various aspects such as exposure, color, contrast, and tone. They provide a quick and easy way to achieve a specific aesthetic or style without having to manually adjust each setting.

Mobile editing presets are typically created by professional photographers, designers, or editing enthusiasts and can be shared or sold for others to use. They are usually saved as files with specific file extensions, such as .DNG (Adobe Digital Negative), .XMP (Adobe Camera Raw settings), or .Preset (specific app presets).

To use mobile editing presets, you typically need a mobile photo editing app that supports the use of presets. Some popular apps that support presets include:

  1. Adobe Lightroom Mobile: Lightroom Mobile is a powerful editing app that allows you to import and apply presets to your photos. You can find a variety of free and premium presets available online for Lightroom Mobile.
  2. VSCO: VSCO is a popular mobile app known for its wide range of filters and presets. It offers a subscription-based service with access to a large collection of presets, as well as the ability to import custom presets.
  3. Snapseed: Snapseed is a free photo editing app developed by Google. While it doesn’t support traditional presets, it offers a “Looks” feature that allows you to save and apply your own customized edits, which can function similarly to presets.

To use presets in these apps, you typically import the preset file into the app and then apply it to your photos. The specific steps may vary depending on the app you’re using, so it’s recommended to refer to the app’s documentation or online tutorials for detailed instructions.

Additionally, various websites and online communities offer mobile editing presets for free or for purchase. These presets are often available in packs that cater to different styles or themes, such as vintage, landscape, or portrait photography. Some popular preset marketplaces include Creative Market, Etsy, and preset-sharing platforms like Instagram.

How to Import Presets in Lightroom Mobile

To import Lightroom presets into your phone’s Lightroom app, follow these general steps:

  1. Download the preset files: Find the Lightroom preset files you want to use. These files usually have the .DNG or .XMP file extension. You can find presets on websites that offer them for free or purchase them from preset creators.
  2. Transfer the preset files to your phone: There are a few ways to transfer files to your phone. You can email the preset files to yourself and download them on your phone, use cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox, or connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable and copy the preset files to your phone’s storage.
  3. Install Lightroom Mobile: If you haven’t already, install the Adobe Lightroom Mobile app from your phone’s app store. It’s available for both iOS and Android.
  4. Import the presets into Lightroom Mobile:
    • Method 1: Open Lightroom Mobile and tap the “+” (plus) icon to create a new project. Then, tap the “Add Photos” option and browse to the location where you saved the preset files. Select the preset file(s) you want to import.
    • Method 2: Alternatively, you can import the presets directly into Lightroom Mobile by using the “Open In” or “Share” feature on your phone. Locate the preset files in your file manager, tap and hold on the preset file, and select the option to “Open In” or “Share” with Lightroom Mobile.
  5. Apply the preset to your photos: Once the preset is imported, you can apply it to your photos. Open the photo you want to edit in Lightroom Mobile and tap the “Presets” icon (usually represented by three sliders). You should see the imported presets in the “User Presets” or “Imported” section. Tap on the preset you want to use, and it will be applied to your photo.

Note: The steps provided are general guidelines, and the exact process may vary slightly depending on your phone’s operating system version and the Lightroom Mobile app version. If you encounter any difficulties, it’s recommended to consult the app’s documentation or search for specific tutorials related to your device and app version.

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