Hello, this side Alfaz creation. This website is related to the stock png and background png. All the videos that post on the YouTube channel of Alfaz Editing.

To make that kind of photo editing and retouching you should need the download png and stock png too.

We are not hurting any kind of private data of any users. We provide only stock png and download png. Even our website is not using the cache system also.

What is this website’s aim?

We just try to give the quality content to the user to learn more about photo editing through the videos, and here they visit for background and text pngs.

All the stock pngs are providing here to give them guidance.

Where to get data?

The images and the stock png’s are self-created and we do not copy anyone else things to hurt their policy. All images and photo editing which is we bring on the youtube self-created. So our data source is not online. We make firstly photo editing then we provide the stock png’s and download png’s. Hope you will understand the context of this page.